Children’s emotion

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The emotions english
The emotions english

How can we explain children’s emotion? How to make those understood, how to confront them, why do they feel happy or unhappy. What are the bad emotions? A handy guide, created with simple words and colour illustrations to help children understand their feelings.

This guide is also useful to help them understand the behavior of others and why they behave in a certain way. Why do they cry?  Why do they scream?

Adult emotions and feelings can be clear to themselves, but it’s still difficult to make them comprehensible to children. This illustrated book is dedicated to children, whether for kindergartens or the primary, it will simply  be used differently. This book will be read to the little ones by their parents and the older children can read it for themselves.

There is an initial introduction with a generic explanation and then for each of the principal emotion there is a drawing  that shows the main externalities. The main character is Joe Coccinella!

A likeable and fun character designed by Violetta Viola. The texts are of Marina Galatioto.

Colorful and attractive pages and for the little children there are smiling faces to color in , the only thing is needed  is to  print the page with a normal printer.

This is the first of the guides made for children.

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